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Fuel Clean Canada, which operates as a division of New West Equipment Services, provides diesel-fuel cleaning and diesel-fuel refill services to southern Alberta businesses that have backup generators using diesel fuel.

Fuel Clean Canada looked at the outdated process of cleaning diesel fuel, and optimized it to make it safer and faster. While service providers in the industry use the same process from 30-40 years ago, Fuel Clean Canada developed its own custom equipment and eliminated deficiencies in the process, which allows us to clean diesel fuel in ¼ of the time. This provides the potential in upcoming years for licensing or selling the cleaning machine across the world.

According to Canadian regional Fire Codes, diesel-fuel cleaning is legislated to happen once a year. For biodiesel fuel, this cleaning should be done at least once every six months which results in a regulated need for Fuel Clean services.

When was the last time you cleaned or replaced your fuel? Have you had your tank checked for contaminants that can degrade the quality of your diesel fuel? If the answer is No or I don’t Know, then you might be failing to comply with Fire Code Regulations and Insurance requirements. Schedule your consultation today to ensure the safety of your property and your people.

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