Reasons for Cleaning

Why Clean Your Fuel Annually?

Fuel deteriorates after 6 months

Learn more about diesel fuel contamination here

You could be personally, criminally liable

When you don’t clean or replace stored diesel, you’re breaking the fire code. That could mean a heavy fine – but did you know that when you break the fire code you could be held liable for any accidents or incidents that occur as a result?

It’s not worth the risk! But thanks to Fuel Clean Canada’s triple-filter process it’s possible to restore stored diesel, saving you the expense of discarding and replacing it. Fuel cleaning (also known as fuel polishing or conditioning) is the cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly solution to diesel deterioration. It is also an essential part of your diesel fuel tank maintenance, extending the life of your backup generator and preventing the negative effects of fuel tank contamination due to microbial growth and other factors. 

If your organization relies on diesel fuelled emergency equipment such as back-up or stand-by generators, don’t take chances. Call Fuel Clean Canada today on 403-258-0282 or email now.

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