Fuel Inspections

The Fire Department performs required routine inspections to ensure compliance with the current Fire Code legislation. For public safety reasons, it is imperative the requirements and regulations of the code are complied with.
Inspections reinforce high safety standards and ensure all buildings in Calgary are being operated with the safety of its occupants as a primary concern.

According to the Alberta Fire Code, diesel-fuel cleaning is legislated to happen once a year with documented proof of service. If these requirements are not met, the building can be shut down immediately and the building owner can face a fine.

Besides random inspections, buildings may be inspected more frequently if they have been found to be non-compliant to the Fire Code in the past, if there is a complaint or a tip about non-compliance about the building, or because of other safety-related issues.

Be inspection ready! Fuel Clean Canada can do a free inspection for you to let you know the estate of your tank.

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