Fuel Cleaning

Fuel Clean Canada looked at the outdated process of cleaning diesel fuel (also known as diesel polishing or diesel conditioning) and optimized it to make it faster and safer. While service providers in the industry use the same process from 30-40 years ago, Fuel Clean Canada developed its own custom equipment and eliminated deficiencies in the process, which allows us to clean your fuel in ¼ of the time.

Zero drip policy. No fuel is spilled

Fuel Clean Canada also has a zero drip policy, which means that during our entire process we will not spill one drop of fuel, which makes our process the most environmentally conscious of the industry.

We clean it until it’s clean!

Our standards far exceed the fire code standards. The fire code states that the fuel must be filtered a minimum 3 times. Our process filters the fuel 6-7 times on average in less time than the competition.

Fuel Clean Canada believes that diesel-fuel is not simply a commodity, but an instrumental reliability component of your backup generator. The Canadian government and insurance companies also recognize the safety concerns associated with contaminated diesel-fuel. Canadian regional Fire Codes legislate the cleaning of diesel-fuel at least once per year and once every six months for biodiesel. Insurance policies indicate that if tanks are not cleaned in accordance with the Fire Code, building insurance can be withheld or cancelled.

Fuel Clean Canada’s process to maintain the reliability of your diesel-fuel and make sure you meet the requirements of regional Fire Codes and insurance policies:

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